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You can contact us by: (between 09.00 and 18:00 only please!)



     Caroline: 07485120128

     Sarah:      07476080836


Use the contact form below (we will get back to you as soon as possible).

If you are having a problem with your dog please briefly describe the problem, age and breed of dog.

Regrettably, dogs with aggression problems towards other dogs and/or people cannot take part in our classes.

We have been asked by our landlady to keep the site clean of dog waste daily(including the alleyways.  Please do not allow your dog to wee up the side of or near the building.  If your dog does have a wee please either clean the area using the disinfectant provided or let us know and we will clean the area. Please bag any dog waste and put in the bin provided. 




Your dog must be micro-chipped and wear a collar with identification tag, badge, or plate attached (with owners name and address) as required by the Control of Dogs Order 1992