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Puppy play and socialization 

At FITdogs Club, we understand the importance of socializing puppies in a safe and enriching environment. That's why we created our Puppy Pals and Puppy Buddies programs. Puppy Pals allows puppies to learn to safely interact with other puppies, while Puppy Buddies focuses on building up confidence in shy puppies. Suitable for puppies aged 12-16 weeks, these programs can be paid for in 4-week blocks. Come join us and make sure your puppy has the best start to life


We group according to size with one group for toy to small breed puppies (up to small cockerpoo size) and one group for medium to large breed puppies (cockerpoo size and upwards).

For more information and to book please use the contact us page or email


Days and Times


9.30am Puppy Buddies (Toy breeds to small Cockerpoo size)

10.15am Puppy Buddies (Cockerpoo size and upwards)

11.00am Puppy Pals (Toy breeds up to small cockerpoo size)

11.45am Puppy Pals (Cockerpoo size and upwards)


Helping puppy to play and socialize with other puppies in a fun, enriching environment

Puppy Pals and Puppy Buddies set up.jpg
Our Puppy Pals & Puppy Buddies set up
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