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Kennel Club Puppy Foundation

Blackpool Based Puppy Training


I understand that adding a puppy to your family can be exciting, but also a bit overwhelming:

Does you puppy chew anything and everything including items they really shouldn't be?

Do you find house training your puppy difficult?

 Do you struggle with puppy mouthing?


I offer puppy training services to help you and your new puppy.

 At my Blackpool based dog training centre, I am committed to helping your puppy become a happy, well-adjusted adult dog.


I offer the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation course which covers all the essential skills your puppy needs to learn, from recall, loose lead walking and focus to basic puppy positions (sit, down and stand) plus so much more.


My 6-week course includes small 40 minute classes with no more than 4 puppies per course, offering an excellent opportunity for personalized attention.


With a welcome pack, weekly videos plus puppy handouts to help you continue your training at home, all for just £75.


Using positive reinforcement techniques ensures your puppy enjoys learning and helps create a strong and lasting bond between you and your puppy.

Sign up now, Let's get you started on your puppy training journey.

If your puppy is nervous or barks at other dogs or people 1:1 training may be more suitable for them.  Why not take a look at our 1:1 puppy packages.

Days and Times


6.00pm 12 to 20 weeks 


10.30am 12-20 weeks 

11.15am 20 weeks & older


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Helping you to develop your relationship with your puppy and for them to become part of your family

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