RallyfrEe (pronounced Rallyfree) combines the sport of KC Rally Obedience and Heelwork to music freestyle moves such as leg weaves, spin and bow.

You and your dog work as a team  following a course of 15 stations with the start sign telling you what side your dog is working on (left or right) and all courses end with your dog performing a bow. Your dog may work to your left/right, in front or behind depending on what the sign description says and some signs ask your dog to change from one side to the other.

There are also 4 Free Choice signs on a course where you can choose your choice of safe trick.

As you progress in each level the moves you and your dog have to perform  become more challenging.


Come and try this fun new sport





Unit D

Ashley Mews

Rear of 18-20 Woodland Grove



Time: 6.20pm-7.00pm