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Welcome to FITdogs Club........

Based in Blackpool I specialize in puppy training and small dogs.


I offer group classes including the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation and my own Puppy Super Stars for puppies just starting out.  For puppies that have some training experience under their belt I offer my own Puppy Bright Sparks classes.

Are you looking for a fun activity to try with your dog our rally, tricks, hooper activity and companion dog classes may be for you.

Our small, friendly classes, mean that you have individual attention in a relaxing atmosphere.


Looking for personalised training then my 1:1 puppy packages and 1:1 Toy Dog Package may be for you.


Helping you to build a strong connection with each other and learning to work as a team,  using, kind, ethical training methods I will help guide you and your puppy through the first steps when you are getting to know each other, provide guidance through  their teenage hood and beyond. 


Why not take a look around and see what I have to offer you and your canine companion.

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Ready ?

New Online Classes coming soon.........

Using the Free Will Teaching Framework to nurture a loving, trusting friendship  between you and your puppy or adult dog we offer online puppy courses and follow on classes. 

Contact us on:

or 07485120128

for more information and our latest updates on our launch date.

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