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1:1 Puppy Packages 

Baby Puppy

Only £20

At FITdogs Club, I understand the importance of getting your new puppy off to a great start. That's why I offer our Baby Puppy Package, specifically designed for puppies aged between 8 and 12 weeks.


My bespoke 1:1 training sessions are tailored to you and your puppy's needs. For just £20 you get two 30 minute online sessions via Zoom, so you can get the training you need from the comfort of your own home.


From housetraining, understanding breed traits and correct socialization to providing guidance on settling your new puppy into their new home, establishing their routine and handling mouthing and chewing. I will give you the expert support you need to raise a happy and healthy puppy.


Book your consultation today and let me help you raise a happy, healthy puppy.

Younger  Puppy

Only £45

If you have a young puppy that's 12 weeks or older, my bespoke Younger Puppy Package is just what you need to get started with their training.


With 1:1 sessions, we'll work together to develop a training plan tailored to your puppy's unique needs. At only £45 this package includes three 30-minute in-unit sessions.


I can cover advice on correct socialisation, and housetraining to puppy breed-specific traits and advice as well as puppy mouthing and chewing, creating a routine, and puppy settle time.


Plus, I can teach your puppy important skills like loose lead walking, leave it, grooming and handling, puppy focus, recall, and jumping up. as well as tips for puppy enrichment and playing together. As well as advice on dog-to-dog play and safe interactions with children.


Sign up today to give your puppy the best start in life.

Teenage Puppy

Only £45

Tailored to the needs of puppies 6 months and older, for just £45 I will work one-on-one with you and your puppy to create a customized plan. With three 30-minute sessions held in our training unit.


I understand that Teenage puppies can be a handful and the teenage years can be tough for puppies, but my Teenage Puppy Package offers the perfect solution.


This package can cover understanding your puppy's breed traits and teenage socialisation as well as important skills such as leave it, grooming and handling, teenage puppy focus and recall.


I also offer advice on jumping up, and safe interactions with children and other dogs, plus a range of puppy enrichment activities to keep your puppy engaged.


Sign up today and let me help you with your teenage pup.


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