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1:1 Toy Dog Package

Only £30

My 1:1 toy dog training package is designed to help toy breeds thrive and reach their full potential. I understand the importance of individual attention and offer customized training sessions to focus on the specific needs and behaviours of your toy dog.


From young puppy to golden oldie with 2 in unit sessions at only £30, we will work together to ensure your toy dog gets the support they need for a happy and healthy life.


I have a deep understanding of how small breeds view the world and will work with you to improve communication and build trust. 

I offer a comprehensive Toy Dog package that covers everything from understanding your toy dog's unique breed traits to advising on socialization, jumping up and greeting other dogs. 


I can also teach your toy dog basic training such as loose lead walking and recall. I know how important it is to keep your toy dog happy and healthy, so I can also provide advice on grooming and handling, enrichment, and fun games to play together.



Sign up today and let me help you and your toy dog navigate our world together.

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