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About Us

At FITdogs Club, our goal is to provide the best possible dog training experience for both you and your pup. Our classes use reward-based methods to help your furry friend learn all the skills they need to be a well-behaved companion. Our unique companion dog classes also incorporate our Canine Companion Awards, which have several levels that your pup can work towards. Come join us today and see your pup unleash their full potential

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Day and Time

Wednesday evening :6.30pm


Thursday afternoon 1.45pm

Thursday evening: 7

Friday afternoon 1.00pm


Companion Dog Classes

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Looking for an affordable and fun way to bond with your four legged best friend? Look no further than my Companion Dog Class suitable as a follow on class for puppies and older dogs with basic training.


Based in Blackpool, this class incorporate my own Canine Companion Awards program, which starts with foundational skills like loose lead walking and recall and as you work though each level you build on what you have previously learned.  You can progress through the awards at your own pace.

On a Friday evening you can also work towards your FITdogs Club Trick Awards as well as your Companion Dog Awards. My Tricks Stars Awards are designed to help you and your pup bond and have fun while learning some cool tricks.


 Come join us today and see your canine companion unleash their full potential

Days and Times







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