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Pup Just Starting Out Or More Experienced?


Whether your puppy is just starting out or already has some training experience under their belt, FITdogs Club offers courses tailored to their skill level.

What We Offer


I provide beginner options such as the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation and my own Super Stars courses as well as my Bright Sparks courses for pups who are more advanced in their training.


Take A Look 

Take a look at the options below to find a course to suit you and your new best friend.


Puppy Super Stars

Puppy Bright Sparks

  • My Super Stars puppy course is perfect for puppies just starting out on their training journey.

  • Over the course of 4 weeks, I will work with you and your pup to develop the different skills they need to help them become part of your family.

  • I believe that every pup has the potential to be a Super Star, and my tailored approach ensures that your puppy will receive the attention and care they need to succeed.

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  • This 4-week course is perfect if you are looking to take your pup's training to the next level.

  • My Puppy Bright Sparks course is suitable for puppies with more advanced training, I provide a fun and engaging learning environment that's both informative and enjoyable.


So why wait? Click below to find out more about this course and how it can benefit you and your best friend.

Kennel Club Puppy Foundation

  • Following the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation
  • A comprehensive six-week Course.
  • Tailored to puppies just starting out, and is a perfect first step for your puppy's lifelong learning journey.


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